Konnectors is an app for Cozy that allows you to collect and store data your vendors have about you. Initially, I built it to do my quantified-self: I fetched measures from Jawbone and Rescuetime clouds. From them I watched analytics via the KYou application.

Then, Benjamin, my business partner, suggested that it could download vendor bills too. So, additionaly to the quantified self-usage, I used it to manage my bills from my mobile and internet providers and from Github.

Months later, the Cozy Team improved it to make it more stylish and autonomous (data fetching can be automatically runned every day/week/month).

That was a fine project, but no one outside of Cozy team members seemed to use it. But recently, I added the capability to the bill connectors to add extra information to the bank operation stored into the Cozy. That way the developer of the Cozy Personal Finance Manager (another app) was able to add a link to the bill file on the displayed bank operation lines. After hearing about that feature addition on the forum, the community get excited about Konnectors.

That's why I'll publish the Konnectors changelog on my blog. Here is the first changelog post for Konnectors.

0.2.9 version

  • Free Mobile Konnector was added (thank you ZeHiro).
  • Free Internet Konnector handles better errors (thank you again ZeHiro).
  • Folder list displayed in the folder selector is now updated when a change happens on any folder via other Cozy apps.
  • Add more information about what to do with the Twitter Konnector.
  • For bill konnectors, add a message saying that the Files application is required to store bills.