Last week, I attended the Quantified Self Conference Europe. It's the biggest event about self tracking and self measurement in Europe. I enjoyed and learnt a lot from the many talks I listened and discussions I had. I saw how huge is the potential of a good self quantifying, especially to improve health, focus and well-being.
Of course, I didn't come only to listen. I performed two talks: one about my experience of QS and one about how I use Cozy to manage my QS setup. It was the opportunity to grab many feedback about what I do. No need to say how satisfied I was!

To use Cozy for QS purpose I built KYou, an app to visualize and manage my trackers. It's a dashboard that allows me to see the evolution of data produced by the Cozy, grabbed by my connectors from my vendors, and data I manually entered. The conference was the opportunity to perform a full cleanup of the UX. So, I made everything clearer and funnier to use.
Of course, the many changes I did deserved a new version! that's why today I enjoy announcing you the 0.3.0 version of Kyou. You will find in the following the major changes I did:

  • Allow to select start and end date of visualised data
  • Capability to hide trackers that are not used
  • Simpler widget to enter manual data
  • Import of data in a manual tracker is now possible
  • Export feature works for all trackers
  • Visualization style change in tracker details view is now saved and reused for main dashboard
  • New indicator available: evolution in the last 14 days
  • New comparison option: compare tracker with the same previous period
  • New comparison option: compare tracker with the same period one year before
  • Better readability of buttons
  • Better colors for trackers
  • Change color theme


Commit Tracker Details:
Screen 01

Tracker List:
Screen 02

Commit Tracker Details + Comparison with Email Tracker:
Screen 03

Dashboard Emails and events:
Screen 04