Hello happy reader, my name is Frank Rousseau and I’m 40. I have been a web addict for 25 years. I love using and understanding web applications as much I enjoy building them. Through this blog, I share my thoughts about software development, productivity and self-hosting.

I host this blog, my personal website, my private code repositories and my personal tools (calendar, contact and file managers) at home on a small machine. Centralizing my services on a cloud I own allows me to have more control on my data and to improve my productivity. I encourage you to do the same. Feel free to contact me if you need any help about it.

About my professional activity, I was software engineer and business analyst. Then I co-founded Cozy Cloud, a startup that built FOSS personal clouds. I was the CTO of the company and grew the product and tech teams to 18 people. We were a remote office company and because we did free open source software, we had to manage the contributions from the community. I learnt a lot from that unique experience.

Currently, I'm running a new company, named CGWire that aims at facilitating the work of CG studios. For that we develop collaboration tools as Free and Open Source softwares.

In my spare time, I like to maintain pet projects and to perform talks about Free and Open Source technologies. Visit my website for more information: https://addictedtointer.net/

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Email: gelnior[at]free.fr
Twitter: @gelnior


All contents from me (pictures and texts) are licensed under Creative Commons by-3.0

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