Two months ago, the company that employed me closed. It leads me to make a choice on what to do next. Being unemployed for a software developer of my age is not a big issue. I have a good working experience and developer skills interest a lot of people. So I am lucky enough to chose between several ways. I list what are those ones and why I decided to chose the last one.

1. Finding a job as a developer

With Newebe and my last job, now I can tell that I have a decent portfolio. So, finding a job in an exciting company is a possibility. I can say I like to deal with technical problematics, so working on another project is a nice path. But It requires to come back in recruitment process, something I don’t like at all. Moreover it is a little bit the lottery and I am not sure to find people that trust the same principles as me.

2. Finding a job as a project manager

I have both an experience as a business analyst and developer and I work since 6 years. So it could have been a good idea to look for a promotion as a project manager. It would be a good carrier choice. On the opposite, being hired would be harder.

3. Finding a job in another field

With BeBurlesque, I met a lot of people from other fields : event organization, fashion, edition, press relation… To get hired in one of those would be really harder but not impossible. They have some interests and could offer a great new experience. Unfortunately they require a lot of energy and a lot of communication skills and I’m not sure that I feel enough passion to struggle to get in one of them.

4. Travelling

Toughest choice from far. I really enjoyed my trip in Laos and met a lot of travellers who explained me how they can travel for so long without having a lot of money. I have enough cash now to travel for several months very comfortably. By the way, when I was in Laos my health improved a lot : no more back problems, no more insomnia, no more skin problems, a better physic condition and overall, my moral rose from under the ground to the sky.
I could also do some coding stuff while traveling, so Newebe could be improved during that time and my dev skills stay up to date.
The bad part is that when I will come back, things won’t be easy. Whatever solution 1 would still be available.

5. Start a new company

This is also a good opportunity. First I am available. Second I have enough cash to not be paid during several months. Thanks to our unemployment insurance, I will have additional funds. This added to my own funds gives me the equivalent of 1 year and a half of a decent salary to survive until this company earned enough money to pay me.

The other good part is that I met two partners who wants to make something about self hosting through a startup. If you read this blog, you know how far I am concerned by the subject.

I am also still young (29) and have no children. So, if it fails I still could go to choice 1 or maybe choice 4.

As you understand I have a big opportunity to build something new about web and self-hosting. My last startup experience was hard emotionally, but I have very good memories too. So I think I want a litte more. And because when things sounds good, they should be listened, I will try this path, hoping it is the best one.

Make a choice : what about building a startup ?