Two is a good number for a team (In Star Wars the Siths always come by two ;)). Two is a small number but it stil requires frameworks to work efficiently. In this blog post. I will tell you about my favorite one when I do programming.

When I perform alone, I find it hard to solve a big problem quickly with a clean solution. Fast exploration requires a lot of energy. Once you know what to do, solving your issue or adding a big feature require time and focus. After that, your mind is exhausted. It's difficult to find motivation to do the polishing. (see here to know why).

On the opposite, when I have to improve something already done, I enjoy to look for perfection. I try to polish everything. I like making things beautiful from the ugly.
I noticed it's the same for many people. That's why when a fast coder and an attentive cleaner work together, it's very productive. One solves the problem quickly while the other makes everything looking good. Both enjoy doing their job and don't get exhausted. When they feel boredom, they can even switch roles.

Complementarity is the key in collaboration. Pairing fast development and careful cleaning is a great way to achieve it.

The Hare and The Cleaner