Five years ago, I wrote a blog post describing what I felt when the company I worked for closed down. The day after that, I flew to Laos as a solo traveller. Today, I could almost write the same blog post. But, this time, the situation is better. In my previous post, I faced other personal issues in addition to the ones I mentioned. Today, the only thing that bothered me is my recent firing. Nevertheless, I still feel confused about my current situation.

These past months, I met many people: friends, software developers, ops and entrepreneurs. It was the first time since years I had nothing really exciting to tell... On the upside, I discovered that in a bad situation I still have many friends. Even better, now I focus less on myself and my problems. I listen more and appreciate simple things and moments.

This break was also the opportunity to round up different little things in my life that was hanging over me. Now, I feel less stressed and I sleep better.

About Cozy, I have to admit that following the progress of the project without being involved is weird. But it's something I have to get used to. I hope to be able to publish my post-mortem when I come back.
I regret nothing from the previous years. Of course, I wish I would have handled some part better but the overall experience was priceless.

Talking about Software, I had the opportunity to do a wide technological watch. I also had time to rebuild my self-hosting set up from scratch. I did it cleanly and enjoyed doing it. I also updated my social profiles and started building new things like Hackerevents, a website to list upcoming software conferences. I contributed to the OpenFoodFacts project by writing the first steps of a Python client for their API.

I'm still thinking about my next project. I met entrepreneurs in search for a CTO. I made some research around some ideas of mine. Finally, I made a list of companies I will be glad to join as an employee. Now I have a clear overview of the possibilities offered to me.
When I was younger I jumped into a project quickly and worked on it like mad. But now I want to be more cautious about what I will do next.

Tomorrow, I will fly to Indonesia for more than a month. So, I will stop coding for a while. Then, when I'll be back, I will have to chose a new path. Five years later, the feeling is the same, made of scare and excitement.

Picture: Hansel and Regrettal