Jakarta, The Bazaar

Jakarta, The Bazaar

Last week, I arrived at Jakarta where I spent three days. It is a huge and chaotic city. Its total organic growth, its 10 millions people and the quasi-absence of public transportation make it totally messy. Because of the permanent traffic jam, it's hard to walk into the street and the air is very polluted.

To deal with that, Jakarta inhabitants build fabulous interiors. Cafés, cinemas, stores, restaurants are big and well decorated. They also spend most of their time in big malls. They are so big than you can get lost easily. They contrast a lot with the streets by their cleanness and their proper organisation. The nightlife is pretty good too with good bars and big clubs (as long as you don't mind seeing old guys with escorts).

Now let's see pictures I made of this city!

Jakarta buildings and a small house

Small house made of nothing are numerous nearby the big buildings. The city keeps growing, building sites are countless here.

Street shops

You can find street shops everywhere. Which is good when you need to buy water all the time.

Jakarta Café

A café at Jakarta.


Gojek is a Uber for scooters. It allows to call a driver from a phone app. Which changes your life in Jakarta by providing you with a fast and affordable transportation.

Trees in Jakarta

Despite the fact Indonesians don't look to care at all about environment, there are a lot of trees and vegetation in the town.

Street Art

When I left, I enjoyed to be able to breath again. But, soon after, I missed the constant activity of the city and the energy of the locals. In Jakarta, I hadn't felt boredom at any time.

It's no surprise the town is avoided by tourists, Jakarta gives them many reasons to hate it. However, there is no doubt, something big is happening here.