Yogyakarta, The Soul of Java

Yogyakarta, The Soul of Java

Some say that Jakarta represents the business side of Java while Yogyakarta (nicknamed Jogja) is its soul. I wouldn't dare to say that but what is sure is that Jogja is much more approachable. You can walk in the street and there are many nice places to visit. The Javanese culture is much more visible too. Another good thing is that on Sunday the traffic is low and the city is more calm.

Jogja is a great spot for travellers too. From there you can visit many Java beauties like the temple Borobudur or the volcano Merapi. The town has also historical places, touristic shops and art galleries.

If you go there, you will hear a lot about Batik clothes and Luwak Coffee. Batik are traditional tissues printed with a special technique. It can be used to make paintings with very good results. About Luwak Coffee, it's a coffee improved in the belly of Asian palm civet. So, basically, it is harvested from animal poo.

Finally, the Muslim influence is much more present here. Prayers are broadcasted among the city five times a day and most girls wears the Hijab. Being waken at 4 in the morning can be surprising.

Now you know more about this city, let's see pictures!

It's common to hear music band playing around the city.

There were Sultan living here. You can visit the Sultan palace and the Sultan swimming pools.

Every Sunday morning, the university organises sport sessions.

The Malioboro street is full of shops and everything is made for tourists to spend their money. It's nice to see but I didn't like it much.

Say hello ta Hari! He helped me going from place to place with his scooter. He acted as a guide also. He was a very friendly driver. I had many good moments by talking with him.

NB: I recommend to take guide when you go somewhere. Beside the information they will provide, they will allow you to have a good conversation and moments with a local.

I had a pleasant time at Jogja. From there, I visited Borobudur and found time to relax (massages helped ;)). It's a great place and I wish I had more time to spend here!